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Quality Redefined

At TryState, we don’t believe in just doing good work. We believe in redefining Quality.

What does Quality mean to us? 

Water Damage, Water Damage Repair, Soot Removal

Our Guarantee


We guarantee 3-day drying in most cases.


We stand by this guarantee 100%. If the equipment rental extends beyond 3 days, every day after that is on us, unless you have pre-approved the extension. You won’t find this guarantee anywhere else!

Serve Pro, Fire Repair, Smoke Damage, Home Repair, Rainbow International

Our Customers


It all starts with you. We realize that when we get that call, you are in distress and need help. This is where we come in!


We are called during catastrophic events. What happens next does not have to be a catastrophe.


We guarantee an immediate response to each call and we respect your time by showing up on time. Once we are there, we take the time to provide you with all the information you need to put your mind at ease. We have been told by many clients that they felt better and calmer after talking to us. They knew they were in good hands and could finally relax and not worry so much about the damage anymore. To us, this is the best compliment we can receive!


Our Inspections


We look beyond the immediate damage and note any additional threats to the property. In many cases, in the course of the initial inspection we discovered other issues that may cause future health risks or property damage and brought them to the attention of the home/business owner.


Home Damage, Quality, TryState, ServiceMaster
Emergency Response, Mold Removal, Clean up, Cleanup, Odor Removal

Our Demolition

Demolition is messy. Your home does not have to be. We pride ourselves on the fact that when we are done for the day, we pick up our mess and leave your home or office as clean as possible.


To us, this isn’t just a job site. We never forget this is your home or a place of work, and we treat them as such.


But we don’t stop there. Another way we Redefine Quality is by conducting demolition with reconstruction in mind. When we cut something out, we do it in such a way that the area could be easily and quickly restored during the reconstruction phase. This saves time, energy and money for the reconstruction crew, and ultimately, for you.

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